Friday, May 21, 2010

Reason to love rugby
Reason #1.

The Marketing Strategy: Getting women interested in watching 30 manly men, mostly with god like bodies, chasing an oval ball around a field and getting dirty in the process.

How do the marketing boffins go about it?

To get women to watch rugby or develop an interest in the sport, most teams encourage their fine, adonis players to strip down to their underwear and/or pose nude in magazines. These can vary from Cosmopolitan…

to Attitude…

and there will almost certainly be a reason why. Charity is the main one because no one can say no to supporting a charity. Whilst sheer vanity is another one. Guys with those sorts of bodies, don’t work out at the gym for hours and not get to parade the results once in a while. Hell no! These guys take every available opportunity to show off the muscles. Some teams go one level better and devote a whole advertising campaign to rugby players swapping shirts with other gorgeous rugby lads. Complete with slow mo replays. Go on, click on this crazy long hyperlink. you know you want to.